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Making Sense of Sensors

Markets and Technologies

RoadIBST has made available its Making Sense of Sensors: Markets and Technologies report which was commissioned by the South West Microelectronics iNet to stimulate the conception of sensing projects at its innovation lab meeting in November 2011.

The report was co-authored by Dr Tim Cox from IBST, who has thirty years’ experience of leading world class sensor research and Dr Simon Alliwell,  Managing Director of Zartech Ltd, who has a wide background in sensors and instrument and their commercialisation across a range of market sectors.

In Part I, the report presents the wide range of physical, chemical and biological quantities that need to be measured to address current and emerging requirements across major market sectors, e.g. healthcare and automotive.  Important sensing technologies are described; in particular those which are potentially disruptive, e.g. MEMS and fibre optic based technologies.

In Part II, the report describes the sensors market in general and the specific drivers and requirements across different market sectors. The future trends in sensor systems to meet these requirements are discussed.  Sources of potential funding for sensor and system development are described. Some of the certification and regulatory issues associated with sensors are also discussed.

Download the Making Sense of Sensors: Markets and Technologies report.