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Who we are

Management Team

Richard Luxton   Professor Richard Luxton - Director

Richard's responsibility is the development of the Institute and strategic partnerships. His main area of interest is rapid detection technologies.

Janice Kiely   Professor Janice Kiely - Director

Janice is responsible for the development of the Institute and research collaborations with a focus on electronics and instrumentation.

Tim Cox   Dr Tim Cox - Director of Research and Enterprise

Tim is responsible for interdisciplinary research collaborations with industry which develop the interfaces between  engineering, the physical sciences and the life sciences. His own research interest is in sampling for detection systems. More

Julie Maggs   Julie Maggs - Events Officer

Julie is responsible for Events, Marketing and for developing and organising a programme of events for IBST, managing the IBST website, membership and promotional activities.

  David Attwood - Director of Industrial Partnerships

David has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry with Physics from Reading University, and a PhD in reaction kinetics in reversed micelles from The University of Liverpool. David’s research career spans thirty years working in the research laboratories of multinational companies.  Areas of expertise include polymer analysis, using chromatographic, spectroscopic and thermal techniques, materials processing and mechanisms of ageing for fibre reinforced polymer composites. More

  Tony Killard - Partnership Development Co-ordinator

Tony is a Professor of Biomedical Science and provides support to IBST in developing strategic partnerships, connections and networks. More

  Dr Xicai (Alex) Yue - Head of Instrumentation

Dr Yue received BEng in Telecommunication in 1985, MEng and PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 1995 and 1999 (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China). Since 1999 he has undertaken various research projects in biomedical engineering (mostly in biomedical instrumentation). Dr Yue joined the Department of Engineering, Design and Mathematics, UWE as a senior lecturer in Bioinstrumentation and Sensor Interfacing in 2016.  More


Environmental and Agri-food

Peter   Dr Peter T N Spencer-Phillips

Peter is the Academic Director, International and Research for the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, and an Associate Professor in Applied Microbiology at UWE Bristol. More

Environmental and Biophotonics Applications

Darren Reynolds   Prof Darren Reynolds

Darren's experience lies in developing applied technology platforms at the life science/environmental/physical science interface for addressing real world problems, more specifically the big problems that are going to affect humans in the next fifty years.  His research addresses problems around water, food and health.More


Visiting Professors

Mark Tooley   Prof Mark Tooley, FRCP, FREng

Mark serves on the IBST Scientific Advisory Group, where his knowledge and experience has been critical in identifying opportunities within the healthcare environment.More

Nigel Nigel J Silman B.Sc., FIBMS, Ph.D

Nigel serves on the IBST Industrial Advisory Group and is the Strategic R&D Lead to Public Health England’s Porton Down Centre in the UK. He has over 30 years’ experience working in with a range of viral and bacterial pathogens in high-containment laboratories. More


Technology Experts

Prof Norman Ratcliffe

For over 20 years, Norman has specialised in gas/volatile analysis research, particularly for the agri-food and medical industry, developing the world’s first electronic nose system for quality control of ham and the first volatile organic compound (VOC) quality control system for monitoring stored vegetable produce. More

  Dr Ben De Lacy Costello

Ben has 20 years’ experience of volatile analysis, particularly the linking of volatiles to disease states. Much of Ben’s work has been based around gas sensors, not only testing gas sensors but also fabricating the devices and instruments required for the testing. More

John Hart   Prof John Hart

For over 20 years, John’s main research interests have been in the design, development and application of screen-printed electrochemical sensors and biosensors. Current investigations are into the development of glutamate biosensors, based on screen printing technology, which demonstrate that successful glutamate biosensors could be fabricated using several strategies, and applied to the measurement of glutamate in food and biological fluids. More

Image result for quan zhu   Prof Quan Zhu

Quan is a teacher and researcher with expertise in complex dynamic system modelling, identification, control and simulation including using generic methodologies and algorithms applied to bio systems. More


Tushar Dhavale   Dr Tushar Dhavale

Tushar has a Doctorate in rapid prototyping and teaches on subjects such as Solid Modelling, Engineering Design, Principle of Mechanical Engineering, Stress Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Design Embodiment and CAD.  More


Kevin Honeychurch   Dr Kevin Honeychurch

Much of Kevin’s research is focussed around High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC/MS) and gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS). More


Jason Mansell   Dr Jason Mansell

Jason’s research focus is on human osteoblast (a cell which builds bone) biology with emphasis on tackling osteosarcoma, improving orthopaedic implant design and discovering novel routes to securing osteoblast maturation in a bone regenerative context. More

Jackie Barnett   Dr Jackie Barnett

Jackie’s research focusses on the detection of infection both in plants and animals.More


joel   Dr Joel Allainguillaume

Joel’s research is focussed on developing a sensor for early detection of a virus which is affecting cocoa plantations in West Africa, where 70% of global cocoa production takes place. More